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Dr. Rachel Markowitz
I am a board certified psychiatrist and completed my residency training at NYU Medical Center in 2003. I continued on at NYU for an additional year to complete a fellowship and Board Certification in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.

This was my formal training.

My informal training began long ago, in High School study hall, senior year, 3rd period. A girl named Amy began talking to me about her woes with her boyfriend Kevin. I found her story interesting. I barely knew Amy, but I began to empathize with her, with her feelings, her sadness, and her struggles.

She talked about her parents’ divorce. She talked about her anxiety as to whether or not she would get into college. She wondered how she could pay for it now that it was just her and her dad and their house was going into foreclosure. I liked talking to Amy. It wasn’t until sometime later that I realized our daily meetings were actually helping her. She needed to talk to someone outside of her immediate family or circle of friends. She needed to work through her feelings with a person who could be kind and understanding, nonjudgmental and also there to really listen. Oddly enough, she was sitting next to someone who already wanted to be a doctor, but who really had no idea what a psychiatrist was or what they did every day. A few months later, a girl I didn’t know walked up to me at a party and inquired, “You don’t know me, but my friend Amy said you could help me. Can I talk to you for a few minutes?”

In medical school, the students rotate through surgery, internal medicine, ob/gyn, etc.

I found all of these extremely interesting, but I would always get left behind on rounds because I never felt that the doctors talked enough to the patients, particularly the ones that were really sick or frightened. So I would go back to their rooms to “explain it better,” or something along those lines. It wasn’t until I finally got to my psychiatry rotation that it all made sense. Psychiatry was the medical specialty for me!

It has been great ever since. I love the field of medicine in general and stay very current with all things medical. My training and part time hospital work keep me very up to date and knowledgeable with all aspects of psychiatric medications.

My years at NYU taught me how to develop from being a “study hall therapist” into a Board Certified Psychiatrist with an in-depth knowledge of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychopharmacological management. I do, however, like to maintain a bit of the casual, comfortable side that made it easy for Amy to talk to me in the first place.

Rachel Markowitz, M.D.


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