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Dr. Martin D Shlackman
Thank you for visiting our website. By now you have some idea of the special place that Psychiatry Associates is. When it came time for me to practice psychiatry, I looked into many different opportunities. When I came here, something just clicked. I joined the practice in 1997, having just completed fellowship training. What attracted me then, is what continues to attract me now. Psychiatry Associates is a place dedicated to helping real people really get better from their emotional and psychiatric problems. Your unique needs become our priority and we are committed to helping you for the duration of treatment.

People have often asked, isn’t it depressing hearing peoples’ problems all day? To me, the idea of knowing there is hope when patients are hopeless, knowing there is an end to their emotional pain when they are in total despair, is extremely gratifying. Helping them get well is tremendously rewarding.

I began my residency with an internship in Internal Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. During my Psychiatry residency there, I pursued advanced training in psychotherapy. During my fellowship training at New York Hospital Cornell in Geriatric Psychiatry, I concentrated more on the medical, neurobiological aspects of treatment. The interplay between these two disciplines has proven to be the most effective form of treatment, and I pride myself at skillfully combining them in order to address your specific needs.

Although my primary focus is working in our office, I feel very fortunate to have been involved in a wide variety of treatment and teaching settings. I am a Board Certified psychiatrist, and have spent 12+ years at JFK Medical Center providing consultation services. I was Director of Psychiatry at a long term care facility and have consulted at other nursing homes and assisted living centers. I work extensively with young adults through seniors. It would be a privilege to meet with you.

Martin D. Schlakman, M.D.


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