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Dr. Kenneth J LichtmanI am a Board Certified psychiatrist and a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Having completed a psychodynamically-oriented psychiatric residency, I found that other treatment modalities were necessary to meet the needs of our patients. I have explored EMDR, hypnotherapy for specific disorders, and have recently added cognitive behavioral therapy to my treatment armamentarium. Although my area of expertise remains general psychiatry, I have become extremely interested in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Bipolar Disorder. I have an in-depth knowledge of psychotropic medication, specifically in the recent advances in combination, augmentation, and supplementation strategies, including the use of light therapies and vitamin supplementation

Psychiatry is often seen as a treatment for people who have failed other medical diagnoses. My view is that people who have been suffering anxiety and depression can benefit directly from our expertise. I strive to treat each person as a unique individual deserving of my respect and my best clinical acumen. I see the treatment of people in emotional turmoil as a collaborative effort between myself and the patient. I offer 35 years of experience tempered by 35 years of up-to-date knowledge of the constant advances in psychiatry, as I continue to teach other psychiatrist physicians and therapists.

TRAINING: I graduated from Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus, in 1964. I did my medical school training in French at the University Catholique, of Louvain, in Belgium and was awarded my M.D. in 1971. I did a rotating internship in 1970-1971 at St. Mary’s Hospital, in Montreal and McGill Affiliated Hospital. I attended Northshore Long Island Jewish Hillside Medical Center finishing my residency in psychiatry in 1974. Immediately thereafter, I opted to attend NYU Psychoanalytic Institute and went on to complete 10 years of personal psychoanalysis.

Past positions include clinical instructor at Payne Whitney, New York Hospital; Director of Adolescent Court Referred Treatment Program, at Queens General Hospital; Director of Geriatric Outreach Psychiatric Program through Long Island Jewish Hospital; medical Director of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Behavioral Health Program, and finally Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, in Edison, New Jersey, a position I continue to hold.

Kenneth J. Lichtman, M.D.


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